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Magdody Privacy Policy

To understand our practices and policies and how we use and treat information you give us, we urge you to carefully this privacy policy. You must agree with this policy to be able to use (the site).  By using and assessing this Site, it means you agree with the privacy policy. The policy may be updated from time to time. As long as you keep using the Site after it is updated, it shall be taken to mean you are in agreement with the Site, we therefore advise you check back here for updates regularly.

Users Not Accepted on Magdody

Children under 13 years are not allowed to use Magdody website and are considered underage herein. Personal information from underage children is not accepted. Magdody will never collect personal information from under aged children knowingly. If you are under aged, you are not allowed to make purchases, provide information, and make use of any of this website’s communication features to give information concerning you like: telephone numbers, name, email address, home address, and username or screen name of your choice. Magdody will delete any account found to be owned by an underage that has no parental consent to do so. If you suspect that an account is owned by an underage here on Magdody let us know here


We care about your privacy at Magdody. None of your personal information given to us is sold or rented to third parties. Unless otherwise required that your information be disclosed, we will not give out your information except to sell, share and sell information of your choice to enable you use website services, post reviews, pay for products and so on. Information that you voluntarily provide or share can be collected by us alongside such other information which is generated by our systems automatically like: browser information, IP address, cookies that helps you have a more personalized experience in browsing and overall user experience. All information including your contact information which you provided during registration with us will be treated as confidential and therefore will be secured. Please note that your information such as text, photos, videos, deliveries, music and reviews seizes to be private when you publish it on our site and would be regarded as information published online. Technical information about you may be used for our site optimization, operation, analytics enhancement of user experience or for content promotion when it is gathered by a third party system or by our system. Your information may be used by Magdody to contact you to offer promotions, notify you of issues related to your activities, for general updates but never to be given to other users whether buyers or sellers except your user detail information that is available to the public. The information above is merely a summary of key points. You are therefore advised to read further concerning how Magdody collects and uses information you give to it and to give you a proper understanding of how cookies work, and also for full knowledge of our complete privacy policy below.


Magdody (which includes Magdody International Ltd, Magdody Inc and all its associates) holds your information in high regards which is why it is committed in protecting all the information of its users that are personal; be it sellers, buyers, and users regarded as guests browsing the website. It is our understanding that you are interested in knowing our practices when you visit Magdody or make use its site: Our privacy policies regarding services provided by Magdody are explained in this policy statement. You give us your consent and agree with the terms and conditions of this privacy policy by accepting and using this site and all its services, applications, goods which include disclosure, collection, processing, use and retention of information that is personal to you. To learn how to limit the information you share, read through our privacy policy.

Information We Gather

It is required that you provide us with some personal information which includes your location, username and a valid email address before you can register on the site. Additional information about you such as additional authentication and physical address to enable you conduct some transactions (like sending of physical goods and withdrawing of/or payment of funds), or to prevent fraud and enhance the market integrity. We do this to ensure better user experience and services to all our users. We also gather information when you browse, access, views or make any other use of the website. You therefore need to bear in mind that your activities on the site may such as geo-location information, usage, IP address, browser information and web-long information, device and connection information, every other communication done on the Site may be monitored and recorded. We only make use of such information to personalize your browsing experience, enhance user experience and to check inappropriate behavior and to check fraud. Navigation and demographic data from third parties may also be gathered as supplemental information.  Your username and all other information that pertains to your activities on the site is made available to the public once you register on the Site. Things like photos uploaded, Gig information, ratings, published portfolio and all other information that you add to your profile.

How we collect information

The information we collect are directly given to us when you register on the Site. By posting and sharing of information about you voluntarily, and also by filling the registration form on the site, you give us information concerning yourself. Information like User’s location, ratings and feedback from buyers, sellers and their Gigs and all other information you upload to your profile are part of the information we gather. Our system directly and automatically gathers technical information as well. Such may include operating system and use of cookies (small files sent and received between you and us), software configuration, and your Internet Protocol (IP) address are also included in the types of information we gather. To have an improved ease or to use and navigation of the Site, we make use of the cookies we gather from you. Personal identifiable information is not contained in cookies. See more on cookies when you read further and under the label – Local Storage.

What we do with information gathered

Information gathered from you that are personal in nature is used to ensure you have a better quality of service and for your protection. Verifying your identity is one of the things we do with the information we gather from you. For the purpose of setting up your account, contact you from time to time, to log your activity and to re-issue or verify passwords are also part of what we do with the information we gather from you. We also use the information to customize your browsing experience, for improved and personalized services, and any promotions run by Magdody that you may find interesting. We also use it to monitor integrity of content, check fraudulent and other inappropriate activities. If at any point you choose to deactivate your account with us, such information collected from you will still be retained on our file and this is for the purpose of contacting you from time to time to reactivate your account and for compliance with regulatory requirements. Your consent will be gotten before we can use the information for any other purpose than the one clearly stated in the privacy policy. The personal information we have on our servers are processed worldwide in different jurisdictions. That also implies that we may process the personal information you give us on a server that is outside your country of origin. The information you give will be retained as long as it still holds some relevance for our operations. Also, personal information from an account that is no longer active may be retained for such purposes like collection of fees owed, troubleshoot problems, compliance with law, to enforce our Site terms, assist with investigation, check fraud and other actions as allowed by law.

Personal Information Sharing with Third Parties

The Site will never share any personal information from you with third party websites to make use of in pursuing their marketing objectives except you give explicit consent. We, however, may add the information we gather automatically with your personal information or from third party websites for the purpose of personalizing our service and for advertising and content improvement. You can send an email to us at if you do not want to receive communications that are marketing in nature from us. Your information may be given to third parties only if it is for prevention of fraud, to better operate the Site, prevent illegal activities as contained below:

·        To service providers for the aim of opening, servicing and operating your account (CRM systems, technical consultants or mailing systems, payment vendors);

·        To respond to a regulatory authorities or for judicial process and also to respond to a court order or subpoena and;

·        To prevent such activities like unauthorized transactions (money laundering), protect against fraud, and other liabilities and claims. The credit information provided to us through the Site is only for payment vendor to collect information when buyers want to make payments on the Site or to pay sellers on the Site. The payment information of the buyers on the Site are not revealed to us and the information is subjected to the privacy policy that is applicable to the buyer’s vendor.


Cookies and Local Storage

Cookies or related technologies that are stored in your computer are what we gather when you visit the Site, and it helps us to create automatic sign-in and to make your browsing experience more enhanced and personalized, and to test user experience and also for promotions. Cookies (mostly flash files, html files and other technology) are used in storing the user’s activity and preference. The cookies gotten are used by the Site to collect statistical data to help the Site check how it is functioning, assist with different aspects of operation and to pattern it to user preference. The files contain various information concerning web pages you visit, how often you visit, the length of time spent, nature and scope of those sites, your area of interest in the site and other information that may be required.

Blocking Cookies

You have the option to block cookies by setting your browser to do so even with the ones that are associated with the Site services. However, your user experience on the Site may be limited or poorly functioning is cookies are disabled. Things like automatic sign-in amongst, session continuity are some of things you enjoy when you enable cookies for the Site.


Using internal procedure and industry standards technologies, the Site protects your information and ensures your security is prioritized to guard against unauthorized access to the information we gather from you.  The Site, however, does not guarantee that you will never have unauthorized access to your personal information. All users of the site are advised to secure their password and never expose it to third party websites.

Third Party Sites

You may experience third party websites while using the Site. Magdody has no responsibility or liability of any sort with third parties and therefore, will not accept responsibility for them in regard to legal or privacy matters. Carefully reading the terms of service or use or the privacy policy of such third party websites is advised. We are only responsible for information gotten by our Site which is in accordance with this policy and states in our privacy policy and terms of use.

California Privacy Rights

The rights contained in California Civil Code Section § 1798.83 allows all residents of California that make use of Magdody to request for a particular information regarding the personal information we disclose to third parties used for direct purposes of marketing. You may send an email to to make such requests.

Updating Personal Information

There are steps we put in place to ensure that the personal information given to us is up to date and accurate, and should you want to make an update of your information, we provide you with the necessary steps found on your account profile settings. Endeavour to let us know if the information you provided is not accurate or incorrect. After making the corrections, we check and update the correct version of the inaccurate information you submitted earlier, and will delete the inaccurate one or keep it for legal or legitimate purposes. You may be required to verify your identity while updating your personal information else we may not act on your request. Should you encounter problems with deleting your personal information check Magdody Customer Support for help and you will be assisted according to the privacy laws that are applicable. Logging into the Site grants you access to change or review your personal information found on your account profile page. Another option is to mail us at if you there is need to notify us of your desire to correct or delete personal information already with us. Deleting your personal information by ourselves will lead to deleting your account as well. If we believe that a request for change of personal information will violate legal requirements or law or to distort security investigation, we will not grant such request. Copies of your User Generated Content (UGC) that you delete may still be contained in our archive and cache pages as stated on Magdody Terms of Service, and may have been copied by other users when it was in public display. Our Terms of Service govern the use and access of information we provide including UGC that we provide on the Site.

Privacy Policy Change (Update)

It is one of our exclusive rights to change the privacy policy as often as we deem necessary and advice you check back regularly for updates. It will be taken to mean that you accept and agree to be bound by the privacy policy that has been updated (“Last Update”) if you continue using the Site after the changes.

Corporate Change

We may transfer your information along with other things we transfer should we decide to go into a merger, bankruptcy, acquisition, a portion of our assets or complete sale of everything.

Need Some Answers?                                                            

We can be reached on .This is if you need to contact us to give answers to any concern(s) you may have or for further clarifications regarding the Privacy Policy and we will get back to you in the shortest amount of time possible.