Job Levels

Magdody Job Levels

Job Levels:  we designed and introduced job levels in order to control access to exclusive features

Magdody is committed to giving all necessary support to those who make the platform great and therefore, we designed an automated system that individually and dynamically rank or rate sellers on two parameters: Customer Rating and Delivery Time. If after working for the buyer and you are prompt in delivering your work and the buyer rates you the seller above 90%, we will promote your jobs and you will make more money. Also depending on the level of job you are on you can have options for different job prices if available.

You are in control: everything is dependent on how fast you deliver your work and the quality of the job to attract good ratings from the buyer. This is what you need to grow to the height of your job on Magdody.

Magdody admin as part of its responsibility can manually change Job Levels in such cased as to respond to payment related issue and for complaints. If a job is delivered late or if the ratings drop below 90% the system will automatically downgrade the associated account to the next lower level.

Job Level 1: this is where all accounts on Magdody starts. This is the first stage and job offers range from $5-$100. Before you can leave this level, you must have completed 10 job offers with positive customer or buyer ratings to advance to job level 2.

Job Level 2: your account will automatically be upgraded to job level 2 if you have received 90% rating or more and if you have successfully completed your first 10 job offers on the agreed time. The jobs you can offer rises from $5-$500 when you have reached this level and Magdody will promote your jobs on Facebook, Twitter and other channels.

Job Level 3: if your record is clear and you have completed 30 jobs successfully and on time, with the necessary 90% positive ratings or more, the system will automatically upgrade you to Job Level 3 where you will be regarded as a trusted account holder on Magdody.

Compare Job Levels & Features Offered:


Sell Jobs for: 

$5-$100 bucks

$5-$500 bucks

$5-$10,000 bucks

Get paid: 

Two weeks after you have completed the job

12 days after you have completed the job

10 days after you have completed the Job





New Jobs limit per day: 









The requirement for every new seller is that they start at Job Level 1 and must have gotten 90% customer or buyer ratings or more for 10 completed jobs before the seller can progress to the next level. Your account will be automatically upgraded to Job Level 2 by the system which will allow you offer jobs from $5-$500. Job Level 3 is where you are allowed to offer jobs from $5 to $10,000.


After 10-14 days of completing a job successfully, sellers at whichever Level - 1, 2 and 3 will be able to withdraw funds.