About Us

About Magdody.com

Magdody website is a meeting place for people to buy and sell any services of their choice like gigs, micro jobs and projects for as little as $5 - $10,000! Thousands of people find themselves in need of having a task done but lack the time or the expertise to do so. This is where Magdody comes in. Magdody website offers people from all parts of the world the platform to showcase their talent or to find the right person with the right qualification to fulfill a task within the stipulated time and with utmost efficiency and quality. No need to unnecessarily ask for help from those that views themselves as indispensible and all knowing when you can get the task done by other professionals for a little fee of $5!

We want to state clearly that our jobs are charged at $5 for jobs that are smaller and less tasking and up to $10,000 for jobs that are more sophisticated and demanding. Whatever your need is, on Magdody, there is always the right person and the right amount for that task you want fulfilled.

While you are at it, why don’t you check out some of our hottest jobs here or if you would like to get started and showcase your talent for hire click here. If you are need of partnership, press inquiries or business development please feel free to contact us.